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  • Health and wellbeing

    We were recently invited to an event hosted by DWP Yeovil with a focus around health and wellbeing which brought together many organisations including ourselves and some of our partners to promote our offering to our customers, including affordability schemes, water efficiency and our community team distributed free reusable water bottles to encourage the drinking of tap water and promote the health benefits of this.  

    DWP health and wellbeing

    Our partners SSEN (Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks) also joined us to promote their offering and distribute free devices to assist customers across the winter in case of any power outages. Together, we gave out information on our joint Priority Services scheme, a data sharing agreement which allows customers to sign up to both of our registers by simply registering only once - leaflets for this can be found on our 'Resources' section.  

    Sarah Curtis, Employment Adviser for the DWP, said: "We were overwhelmed with the success of our Wellbeing event and delighted to have over 300 people attend. We have received great feedback which is fantastic and very encouraging. It's heart warming that the whole event was received so well."

    Health and wellbeing event

    If you have any upcoming events that you'd like us to attend, please

    Health and wellbeing