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  • Annual workshops for partners

    In January, we kicked off the year by running our annual debt advice workshops where we met with all of our funded partners to update them on our work around affordability, any confirmed changes to annual bills and this year, we expanded our discussions to include the topic of wider vulnerability, something that has become a strong focus for us in addition to the financial capability work that we already do. 

    We submitted our business plan in September 2018 for the period of 2020-2025 which was accompanied by our strategy for customers in vulnerable circumstances called 'Every Customer Matters - an inclusive service for all'.

    This details a variety of initiatives that we'll be working on over the next six years to achieve the inclusive service we refer to and includes use of data to identify where the customers are who need our support, growing our partnership work so that we can work with you and other organisations to improve the support available, using community engagement as a tool to help us raise awareness of the support we can offer and making use of the knowledge and training we already have alongside that from other organisations to ensure we are continually improving our customer journey, particularly for those in vulnerable circumstances. 

    During our workshops, we discussed a potential new scheme to have accredited agencies amongst our funded partners, from which all financial statements received would be automatically accepted. The agencies in attendance provided us with some excellent feedback and ideas around how this could be run and having reviewed the feedback, we have now set up a pilot scheme which will run until the end of this year with two of our funded partners. 

    With the topic of wider vulnerability very much on our minds, we also used the workshops to discuss the important topic of our Priority Services register. Attendees told us how they can help to raise awareness of the service and to sign customers up, where appropriate. Find out more about our Priority Services.

    Debt advice workshops