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  • Data mapping

    If you've read our vulnerability strategy 'Every Customer Matters', you'll know that a focus of ours moving forward is using data wisely. We're using data that we hold to identify areas in our region that have higher levels of deprivation and therefore may hold residents who would benefit from our affordability support as well as to highlight areas in which perhaps a higher number of pensioners reside who could be eligible for our Pension Credit discount or who may require a little extra support through Priority Services. Naturally, with the information, we can create a targeted approach to ensure the correct messages reach our customers in need. 

    Every customer matters

    Whilst we've started to use the data that we hold ourselves to paint this picture, the information we hold is limited and so we're working with organisations who can share other publicly available information they hold with us and that can help build a bigger picture. Examples of information that could be shared include but are not limited to age, ill health, low income, employment, benefit types, mental health, disability, language, living alone etc.
    We have schemes that can support customers in all these circumstances and want to create the best possible means to identify the areas that they're living in so we can spread our message and support as widely and efficiently as possible. 

    If your organisation holds any of the above publicly available information, we'd love to hear from you. You can contact us on

    Using data