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  • COVID-19 Response

    It's an uncertain time and many of you have told us how you have changed your operations to continue supporting those in the most vulnerable circumstances by supporting them via telephone, online or messaging services, thank you for these communications and for the continued support you provide to those who need it. 

    We are also able to share an update about our current working situation and have pulled together some common Q+As which we hope will help answer any queries you may have. 

    For more general info about our response to COVID-19 you can find on our website . If you're operating in the Bristol Water area, you can also see updates on their web page .

    Common Questions:
    - Are you running at full strength?
         o We are currently running business as usual and have as many people as possible working from home. 

    - What short term measures have you put in place to support customers struggling financially as a result of Covid-19?
         o We are encouraging customers to get in touch if they need support.
         o The Water UK have published a press release explaining the Water Industry agreed measure to support customers during the current crisis
         o We all still have our full range of schemes to help customers struggling to pay their bills.
         o We continue to tailor our support to the need of the customer; this may mean offering flexible payments or payment deferrals for anyone who needs it. 
         o We continue to signpost our customers in extreme financial difficulty to independent debt advice. (our website has a message to say - 'During the current Coronavirus outbreak you may find that face to face agencies are
            limiting this type of interaction and offering a telephone, online or messaging service. Please see individual websites for information.') 

    - What measures have you put in place to support those at risk, over 70 and extremely vulnerable socially isolating for 12 weeks? 
         o We have sent this message to 5,000 of our 15,000 Priority Services customers who have shared their email addresses with us.  
         o We are encouraging anyone who is in one of these groups to sign up to Priority Services online so that we can ensure we support them. 

    Along with the wider situation, the picture is changing for us on a daily basis and we will endeavour to keep you updated with these changes as we go.

    If you have any suggestions to make things quicker for customers, or that would help you in this time please do get in touch by emailing us at

    Please do make sure that you, your friends, your family, colleagues, neighbours and clients all sign up to Priority Services if needed and do let us know about any support needed with bills/payments.