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  • Covid-19 update

    Not only has the Coronavirus massively impacted the health of our customers but financially we have seen the effect it has had on many people, some who may never have had these issues in the past. 

    How did we help? 

    • Offering payment breaks
    • Flexible payment plans
    • Ensuring support from our dedicated team and no loss of service by successfully enabling the majority of our teams to work from home. 
    • Our field teams have been continuing with essential work to deal with emergencies and continue to deliver our services safely. 

    How we're continuing to support our customers? 

    • We have extended some customers payment breaks from three to six months
    • Proactively contacting those with payment breaks who have not made contact as their payment breaks have come to an end. We are discussing their situation and look at extending the original plan or looking to identify if their situation would suit one of our schemes
    • Starting non-essential work and clearing any backlogs from those cancelled at the beginning of lockdown.

    We do expect the financial impact of the pandemic to continue with the furlough scheme coming to an end in the coming months and the uncertainty of the jobs market in many industries. With potentially more of our customers being impacted in the long term we envisage many more reaching out to us seeking further support.

    In the short term we also expect to see customers who are billed on meters be impacted by higher than normal bills due to the increase of water usage during the lockdown period and being home more. We can look at helping those concerned about this by setting up payment plans to spread the cost or incorporating this into existing arrangements to give them more time to pay.

    Covid-19 stay alert