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  • Covid-19 updates

    It's been difficult times of late and we're all adapting to what appears to be the 'new normal' following the outbreak of Covid-19. Here at Wessex Water, we have most certainly changed ways of working and have been able to continue almost business as usual whilst a large proportion of our workforce are now working from home, something we would have never thought possible only a few months ago.

    We've been overwhelmed at how committed our teams have been, some of whom have been volunteering to make masks for our local frontline workers or preparing and delivering hot meals to those in vulnerable circumstances. Others have been carrying out their daily roles which are so important and involve:

    • clearing our waste network
    • keeping blockages at bay
    • keeping our water supplies running at all times
    • restoring any outages as soon as possible.

    These are more important than ever since most of our customers are now at home every day and relying on their supplies. 

    We recently put a call out to our partners to find out if and how they have managed to adapt to the current climate and we've been so pleased to hear about the fantastic work that's going on within the region with many partners going above and beyond to support those who need it most during this time. You can find out more about the work taking place here.

    Covid 19 updates