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  • Guide for adviser online form registration

    Please contact for support or assistance when registering.

    How to register 

    1. To register please click 'sign up now'.
    2. You need to decide whether to sign up as an individual adviser if you have individual email addresses for your organisation or to have one account for the whole organisation to use.
    3. Once registered you will receive a thank you message and an email to activate your account. Click on the link within the email to access the sign in page.
    4. Sign in using the email address and password you registered with to access the page below. If you do not see this page, please click go to
    5. You will then need to enter the adviser validation code: 16BDE46B-BEE9-4516-8CAB-43F741666493 (the code must not include any white/blank spaces.)

      Code validation
    6. Once entered you should receive a second email to activate your subscription.

    Signing in

    Once registered and activated, you will now be able to use the application form. If you have registered for a whole organisation please share the email address, password and website link to your team

    Using the form

    • Please complete all fields of the form as requested. You can even stop and start your application at any time by just saving your current progress.

      Form applications
    • You can also view and download closed forms, edit/complete active applications or add a new form from the screen below.

      Existing forms
    • Financial budgets can also filled online or added as an attachment.

      Financial budgets

    Important information

    • If you have a period of inactivity of 20 minutes the form will time out, so please ensure that you continually save your application.
    • Once you have been using the service for 30 minutes it will refresh for security reasons - you will not lose your current progress but will need to press submit to continue.

      Security refresh
    • If you do have any issues or suggestions for improvements of this service please contact: