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  • Do you know about Priority Services?

    Both energy and water providers offer additional support through their Priority Services registers to customers who may be in vulnerable circumstances. Customers can sign up to their supplier's register to ensure that they are supported in the most appropriate way by the organisation. 

    At Wessex Water, we always want to give all our customers the best service. We know that everyone's needs are different, and we can help through Priority Services. 

    When customers sign up to our Priority Services they can:

    • Ensure they always have easy access to water
    • Choose how they receive their bill and information
    • Ask for help with reading their meter
    • Set up a password for when we visit.

    Priority Services is a free service and anyone living within the Wessex Water region can sign up for it so if you, your clients or anyone you know could benefit from the service, there are various ways that you can sign up:

    Telephone: 0345 600 3 600



    We also have paper forms available and if you wish to order a batch to give to clients where appropriate, you can request these via Partnerhub. 

    Energy providers also offer a similar service and both energy distributors in the Wessex Water region, Western Power Distribution and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, can be contacted to register customers for their service. 

    From April 2020, we will be involved in a national data sharing scheme alongside the energy industry. This will mean that where a customer consents to their data being shared, they will only need to sign up to the service once and they will benefit from Priority Services from their energy distributor, energy supplier and their water supplier, creating an easy and beneficial registration process and improved customer experience - something that we want all our customers to receive. 

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