Economic Abuse Evidence Form (EAEF)

Economic Abuse Evidence Form (EAEF)

The Economic Abuse Evidence Form (EAEF) is an information-sharing tool, created by Surviving Economic Abuse [SEA] and Money Advice Plus [MAP], for use by debt advisers to capture information about the abuse that a victim-survivor has experienced.

The form communicates the background and history of the domestic and economic abuse. It verifies that coerced debt has occurred, the impact of the abuse on the survivor and ensures the victim-survivor will only need to tell their story once.

Over the last year, SEA have been piloting the EAEF in partnership with different organisations to learn what and how it can work to support victim-survivors of economic abuse and achieve consistent decision making in cases of coerced debt.

Given the success of the pilot to date, it is being extended – and they are using this period to onboard more organisations and develop the strategy for a national roll-out.

As part of the onboarding process, all organisations receive bespoke training developed by SEA and MAP. One part of the training focuses on economic abuse to help staff gain the confidence and skills to recognise and respond to economic abuse. And the second half of the training focuses on the EAEF form – what it is, how to complete it for debt advisers and for creditors what information you can expect to receive.

We are pleased to let you know we are joining the pilot and some of our team will be attending the training necessary so we can receive the forms and be able to process the information required to support your clients in this situation.

If you would like to be involved you can find more information here and express your interest in the pilot or contact