Meet our new vulnerability experts

With our ever-growing focus on customers in vulnerable circumstances and continuous review of best practice in this area, we’re really pleased to share an exciting new initiative we’ve been working on for a little while.

We recently hosted a launch event for our new vulnerability experts from teams across our business. Our experts will undertake specialist training in subjects such as dementia, autism, grief, bereavement and addiction to name but a few. With the knowledge and experience they'll gain from this training; they will serve as a point of contact for the teams in their business area and to provide guidance and support for colleagues who may be in contact with or visiting a customer in vulnerable circumstances.

They'll also support with signposting to relevant authorities and organisations where appropriate and work with our Customer Policy team to share feedback and experiences from the front line to help us build on our strategy to support those who may be most vulnerable and shape future training provisions ensuring our teams get what they need.

We're very excited about this new initiative and believe it will help us better share knowledge, information and guidance across all of our customer facing teams.

The launch event created a buzz amongst our experts and they've already shared with us many ideas on how we can improve our offering to customers in vulnerable circumstances.

We'll continue to share updates from our Vulnerability Experts as the programme develops and if you know of any specialist training that may be valuable for our teams, please do contact us with more information.