NEW - Help with your water bills online form

NEW - Help with your water bills online form

Our ‘Help with your water bills’ form was updated and the new version released on 8 February and is available here and via PartnerHub here. The main changes we have made are:

  • Aligned the questions within the paper form
  • Removed having to complete our standard financial statement, so you just need to upload your own
  • Moved the upload to the end of the form to make this secure
  • Added a link to the online Priority Services form  to be sent within the confirmation email
  • Removed the requirement to log in to complete the form, you just click on a web link instead
  • To ensure we are GDPR compliant

You are unable at present to have all applications in one place to view those submitted of in flight, but we plan on bringing this functionality back in another phase.

To stop and start the application you should save the form and note the unique reference number at the top of the form - you will then be able to retrieve any forms in flight or completed forms.

To retrieve - you will need to use the same email address you used to save it and click the retrieve button


If the two don’t match, then you will receive an error page:


Completed forms will still be retrievable after submission but no longer editable.

The old online form will still be active until the 9 April, to allow you to complete any forms in flight or view any previous submissions. Any new applications should now be completed on the new form.

If you do have any feedback, please contact us at