NHS workers can apply for water bill support

More than 5,000 frontline NHS workers that are required to wash their uniform at home and more often during the current coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak have applied for a water bill rebate from us and Bristol Water.

We've introduced support for those NHS individuals on a water meter who would have seen an increase in their water bill due to uniform laundering guidance for infection prevention instructing uniforms have to be washed separately; not on a full load; and at a higher temperature.

Those eligible for the rebate can claim up to £50 off their Wessex Water or Bristol Water bill, ensuring they won't be paying more than they normally would.

Within days of launching the uniform washing rebate, more than 5,000 frontline NHS workers, including nurses, doctors and paramedics, from the region, had applied.

NHS worker Karen Triggs said: "As we are following strict national guidance on infection prevention and control we need to wash our uniforms more and my machine can be on twice a day.

"This is a really challenging time for the NHS and our colleagues really appreciate all the help that we are getting from organisations such as Wessex Water. We'd like to thank them for their amazing support."

Paramedic Laura Brown took to Twitter adding: "My poor washing machine is certainly taking a battering."

Charley Maher, Executive Director of Retail and Commercial, who runs our joint billing services company with Bristol Water, said: "We felt it was only right that a rebate should be provided in recognition of NHS workers who are washing their own uniforms at home.

"During this period the NHS uniformed staff are having to wash their clothes more often as they are working more shifts than in normal times. And all their clothes now have to be washed separately to their normal loads.

"We don't think it's fair for these workers to pay more for their water given that they are at the very front line of the fight against Coronavirus , which is why we're offering the rebate."

The rebate applies to customers on a water meter who receive their water supply from either us or Bristol Water.

We also help all customers who are struggling to pay their bill through a range of financial support measures. We offer a number of alternative payment arrangements alongside a range of social tariffs designed to make water bills more affordable.

We encourage anyone having problems to get in touch so individual circumstances can be discussed and the best support provided - details of which are on our website and Bristol Water's.

Applications for the NHS rebate are now closed.