Scope the disability charity carried out a review of our customer bills. We asked for the review to improve accessibility and experience.

Using the feedback given we’ve made changes in language and colour of our bills. This will be the start of ensuring all our leaflets, social media, letters, website, etc meet the principles given to us for ease of access.

We have also partnered with Scope to fund their Disability Energy and Water Support Service. This is a free energy and water advice service open to disabled people in England and Wales which includes: 

  • managing energy and water debt
  • switching tariffs or supplier
  • changing meters
  • energy and water efficiency
  • accessing benefits, grants, and trusts
  • contacting or complaining to suppliers
  • understanding gas, electricity, or water bills
  • understanding how to use heating systems

For more information you can call them on 0808 801 0828 or visit