Support for you

Support for you

We're anticipating seeing a new group of customers contacting us for support due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19 in the UK.

Their situation is new to them as their income will have been directly influenced by Covid-19 due to redundancy, furlough or reduced hours and loss of earnings for the self-employed. These may be historically high earners who have never been in debt before and unlikely to have any or much debt at the time they contact us.

It's important to us we support our customers as much as we can, so we are keen to help them get back on track and ensure they don't build up unnecessary debt.

From November we have extended our Assist tariff, through which we'll offer a period of six months support for those who have suffered a loss of income directly as a result of  Covid-19 and are struggling to pay their bills.
Customers will need to:

  • advise why they have a loss of income and how much they can afford to pay
  • seek full holistic advice and complete a financial budget if they wish to remain on the tariff beyond six months.
  • For those struggling prior to March 2020, they can access Assist via our traditional route.

We'll be advertising this throughout November and asking for those affected to contact us through our Contact Centres or on our online form:

Our aim is to support those customers who need temporary help, so  you may find an increase in the volumes of customers being referred to you too.