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Helping you to support customers throughout our region.

Welcome to Wessex Water's Partner Hub

We want to work with you to support customers throughout our region, particularly those who are having difficulty affording their water bills or who have additional needs that we should be aware of in our day to day services.

Our hub provides you lots of information about the support we offer and gives you access to resources to help you raise awareness and apply on behalf of our clients.

It should also encourage you to share good practice and ideas with each other.

If you represent an organisation interested in partnering with us, you can also find out more about the opportunities we provide and how you can work with us.

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Wessex Water Pilot

In March’s PartnerHub Post we let you know about a pilot, as part of the recommendations within CCWs affordability review, we had conducted that examined that ‘all water companies should operate a simple application process that covers all support schemes’.

CCW Affordability Review

CCW have published their Affordability Review on behalf of Defra and Welsh Government.

South Gloucestershire Council data share

We are really excited to let you know that, in partnership with Bristol Water, we have our first data share with a local authority.

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