Partnership with IE Hub and Bristol Water

We have partnered with IE Hub, a leader in customer vulnerability and income expenditure solutions.

IE Hub is known for its secure platform that allows users to share financial and further needs information with organisations. By collaborating we aim to broaden our reach, enabling more customers to access essential water and sewage services without financial stress.

This collaboration with IE Hub will allow us to leverage Income and expenditure technology to better identify and assist our customers experiencing hardship, ensuring everyone has access to essential services regardless of their financial situation. Partnering with IE Hub complements our commitment to supporting our customers, particularly those in difficult situations. This partnership will enhance our ability to meet customer needs effectively, providing necessary support when they need it most.

Expected benefits of the partnerships include:

  • quicker processes to identify and support individuals facing hardship
  • easier and secure ways for customers to share their circumstances
  • customised solutions for water and sewage services adapted to individual financial needs.

We have introduced this new platform on our Reduced Bill – Assist and Debt Support Scheme – Restart website pages. Customers can now click on a link to take them to the IE hub. IE Hub is for customers who can complete an IE themselves online and are digitally able. For those who have little or no debt, we will be able to apply the scheme without the need for Debt Advice. For those with two or more debts, they will be signposted to independent advice.

It’s a 12-month trial but the idea is that some customers may not need independent advice and can self-serve in this way.

IE hub isn’t for our funded partners or for customers whom we have signposted or referred to debt advice.

We do still have the application form for our partners. You can find it on our PartnerHub Apply for support and Help with your water bill.

IE Hub is a new approach just for customers going onto our website and who like a digital journey.

The new platform is already proving more popular than we imagined, with many customers receiving support.

Any questions please contact us at

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