Renewed partnership with Kidney Care UK

We are really pleased to announce we will be renewing our partnership with Kidney Care UK.

Last year we joined forces with Bristol Water and Kidney Care UK to help further support customers who have chronic kidney disease, a kidney transplant, or are on dialysis either in a hospital or at home.

We have carried out several visits to Southmead Hospital in Bristol to meet dialysis patients to speak to them about how we can support them with their bills and the Priority Services we can provide. Patients and staff have been amazing and made us feel so welcome on the ward and in the Richard Bright Satellite Unit. All visits have been enlightening, showing what dialysis patients go through on a day-to-day basis and why our support is so vital.

During one of those visits, we met Susan. We spoke to Susan at Southmead Hospital who was struggling with her bills due to ill health and needed our support. Susan is now registered for Priority Services and is paying directly from her benefits towards her bill, which now includes our discount for low-income pensioners.

We also recently visited the Renal Unit in Dorchester to meet more customers on dialysis.

We have lots of activities and visits to other hospitals and satellite units planned to continue supporting our customers.

We believe that our partnerships are highly effective and are excited to continue working with more organisations in the coming year.

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