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Your organisation currently receives funding from Wessex Water, or Wessex Water and Bristol Water, to provide holistic debt advice and apply for our affordability schemes on behalf of your clients.

Your grant for the financial year will be based on the number of successful applications to our schemes we’ve received from you during the previous financial year. Grants will be awarded and paid via BACS.

If you wish to apply for continued funding, please complete and submit this application form.  You will also need to submit your quarter 4 report.

Please note there are three levels of funding. By applying for this grant you are agreeing to meet the standard criteria set out below. For 2021/2022 funding you can access a high level of funding based on the additional criteria.

By applying for this grant your organisation agrees to the following conditions:

  • Submitting an accurate and fully completed quarterly report by the deadline set out. Please use, as a minimum, the pro forma provided.
  • Submitting high quality applications for our water affordability schemes and acting upon our feedback.
  • Promoting our affordability schemes during the funding period (any materials required please contact our relationship manager).
  • Making sure all staff (paid or voluntary) are trained on our affordability schemes.
  • At least one person from your organisation (preferably our point of contact) attends our annual workshop.
  • Agree to at least one visit/call per funding period from our relationship manager to discuss all engagement and funding issues.
  • Please note that where these conditions are not complied with, we reserve the right to reduce the funding for the following year by 25% or phase the funding payment.

Additional criteria to achieve high funding levels:

  • Evidence of promoting Pension Credit discount and helping clients complete applications
  • Evidence of promoting Priority Services and helping clients complete applications
Band Applications Bronze Silver (current) Gold Band Applications Bronze Silver (current) Gold
0 0 £0 £0 £0 26 250-259 £28,050 £30,600 £33,150
1 1-9 £900 £1,000 £1,100 27 260-269 £29,150 £31,800 £34,500
2 0-19 £1,650 £1,800 £1,950 28 270-279 £30,250 £33,000 £35,750
3 20-29 £2,750 £3,000 £3,250 29 280-289 £31,350 £34,200 £37,050
4 30-39 £3,850 £4,200 £4,550 30 290-299 £32,450 £35,400 £38,350

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